UT instruments.
The future in your hands.




Instruments for the fruit and vegetable supply chain. To offer Consistent Quality and obtain great benefits.

UT instruments.
The advantages of Consistent Quality are in your hands.

All of us within the supply chain must take care to gratify end consumers, when they decide to eat fruit and vegetables.

And offering end consumers Consistent Quality when they buy fruit and vegetables is possible.

It’s possible if the supply chain, from Grower to Packing House and Retail, choose to adopt electronic precision instruments to measure the qualities of fruit and vegetables.

In short, if they choose UT instruments.

Consistent Quality can’t be seen by the naked eye.
To have it, you need instruments that can asses with certainty the intrinsic qualities of the product.

Consumers experience a letdown when they purchase twice in a row the same product for the same price, receiving in turn an inconsistent quality.

It causes confusion. It takes away confidence.

To allow consumers to buy with confidence, time after time, Consistent Quality of product needs to be guaranteed.
With UT instruments, you can.
Or better, you need to.

UT instruments.
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