UT instruments.
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Instruments for fruit and vegetable packing houses. To sample correctly and ship on the basis of the degree of ripeness.

UT instruments.
Your business is in your hands.

With UT instruments you will know exactly what your growers have supplied to you and how to sell it.

With UT instruments you can recognize any errors made by Growers.
For example, if they have supplied a product that is too sour, and not ready yet.
Or when this product fully meets markets’ requirements.

UT instruments allow you to measure many parameters, like ripeness degree, pulp firmness, sugar content, core temperature of product, fruit size.

The Fruit and Vegetable Packing House has the task of directing the produce to the markets in an intelligent manner. That is, knowing exactly what is being shipped.

For intelligent supply to the markets, the Packing House needs to be able to measure the qualities of its own fruit and vegetables.

The degree of ripeness for example. This way it can send the fruit that can cope with the journey and guarantee quality to the most distant markets.

Gaining maximum satisfaction of the markets supplied: with UT instruments it is possible.

The precise measurement of the quality parameters turns the Fruit and Vegetable Packing House into a reliable partner for both the Grower and the Large-Scale Retail.

The Grower has the advantage of acquiring an assessment of their fruit and vegetables, based on sound figures.

Large-Scale Retail has the undeniable advantage of working with a supplier able to guarantee the requested quality, with reliability.


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