UT instruments.
The future in your hands.




UT instruments.
The future in your hands.




UT instruments.
The future in your hands.

UT instruments.
Electronic precision instruments to measure the quality of fruit and vegetable products.

UT instruments.
Portable, smart, quick and safe.
With Bluetooth technology and dedicated software.

An exclusive App so you can have all the relevant data from many instruments in a single file.


  • Geolocation.
  • Ability to add notes and photos.
  • Archiving.
  • Sharing.

UT instruments.
To measure quality parameters.

Electronic UT instruments allow the measurement of fruit quality parameters:
small/large, storable/not storable, sour/sweet, soft/hard, ripe/unripe, to enable the entire supply chain to satisfy the specific demands of the consumer.

Only by increasing the satisfaction of the end consumer it is possible to increase consumption, inverting the current trend of decreasing consumption in the fruit and vegetable sector.

UT instruments produces portable electronic instruments, also non-destructive, for:

  • degree of ripeness measurement,
  • pulp firmness measurement,
  • sugar content measurement,
  • size measurement,
  • pulp temperature measurement.

At UT instruments, we believe that accurate measurement of the parameters that determine quality enables:

  • the Grower to get the best results from their crops,
  • the Fruit and Vegetable Packing House to sample correctly and provide large-sale retail with precisely the product requested,
  • Large-Scale Retail to provide customers with constant quality, without product wastage,
  • the supply chain to obtain maximum profit and offer Consistent Quality to the end consumer.

With UT instruments we are offering
precision instruments to the whole world of fruit and vegetables.

Electronic instruments to measure,
test and certify the quality
of fruit and vegetable produce.

All to the benefit
of those involved.

the end consumer.

UT instruments.
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